Tuesday 10 September 2013

Inscribed copy of Apollo 15 Preliminary Science Report

Inscribed cover of Apollo 15 Preliminary Science Report
BGS image ID: P858063
The inscription on this copy of the Apollo 15 Preliminary Science Report reads "To Prof. Dunham. Best wishes from the crew of Apollo 15" followed by the signatures of the three crew members Dave Scott, Al Worden and Jim Irwin.

The Professor Dunham referred to is Kingsley Charles Dunham (1910-2001) who was the Professor of Geology at the University of Durham, 1950-1967 and Director of the Institute of Geological Sciences (now the British Geological Survey), 1967-1975.

Apollo 15 was launched on 26 July 1971, landed on the Moon on 30 July and splashed down back on Earth on 7 August. (Information from NASA mission pages). The report can be viewed here.

The British Geological Survey uses remote sensing techniques to study planetary geoscience. More can be read about that here.

Andrew L Morrison

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