Thursday 8 August 2013

Geological Survey Department of Northern Rhodesia, c.1960

Staff of the Geological Survey Department of Northern Rhodesia, 1956
BGS image ID: P856634

This photograph of the staff of the Geological Survey Department of Northern Rhodesia was taken outside their headquarters in Lusaka in around 1960. Sitting in the middle of the front row is William Henry Reeve from whose collection this picture comes. Reeve (1906-?) was Mineral exploration geologist in Northern and Southern Rhodesia for the Anglo-American Corporation of South Africa (1930-1933), Assistant field geologist, Tanganyika (1935-1939), Assistant field geologist, Nyasaland (1943), Engineer-Geologist, Kenya (1943-1951), Chief Geologist, Northern Rhodesia (1951-1952) and Director of the Geological Survey Department, Northern Rhodesia (1952-1961).

A newspaper article which covered the opening of the HQ in 1956 reported that "Mr W H Reeve, Director of the Geological Survey, said the department now had, for the first time, many facilities of educational value, including an ore museum, a scientific and technical reference library, new laboratories and a drawing office."

Andrew L Morrison


  1. Hi Andrew,

    Great photo! I'm going to try and get some names for the faces. Can anyone else assist?

    Steve Tolan, Zambia



    1. Hi Steve, I'll take a look in the Annual Reports of the Department for 1956. See if I can get a list. What's your particular interest?

  2. Hi Andrew
    My name is Bwezani am from Zambia originally. I wanted to find out if any of the explorers? Are their any record of the reports they conducted?