Friday 8 March 2013

Emily Dix, plant biostratigrapher (1904-1972) - Women's History Month

Emily Dix 1904-1972. Carboniferous palaeobotanist, plant biostratigrapher
From Geologists' Association Carreck Archive.
Emily Dix (1904-1972). A Carboniferous palaeobotanist from South Wales. Graduating in Geology from University College, Swansea in 1925, she undertook further research in the western part of the South Wales Coalfield under A.E. Trueman, gaining a MSc in 1926. After an early career as a field geologist she gained a post as Lecturer in Paleontology at Bedford College, London, a position she retained all her working life. Dix wrote many scientific papers especially on the geology of South Wales and later on plant biostratigraphy and was particularly interested in the Westphalian - Stephanian boundary. Tragically, she developed a mental illness c. 1944 which brought to an end a very notable but short career.

International Organization for Palaeobotany. Emily Dix (1904-1972). [Biography]

Bob McIntosh

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