Wednesday 13 August 2014

Mining subsidence in Ferniehill, Edinburgh, 2000

BGS Image ID: P100363
Ferniehill, Gilmerton, Edinburgh. Limestone mine subsidence event, November 9th 2000 to March 2001; 'Tumbledown Terrace'. The subsidence has caused damage to buildings, roads etc. The Carboniferous Gilmerton Limestone was quarried and mined at Ferniehill from time immemorial until about 1829. Collapsing old limestone mineworkings were responsible for what became catastrophic damage to many properties.

Download a leaflet explaining the subsidence, by Mike Bowne

BGS image ID:  P100365

BGS image ID: P100398
Posted by Bob McIntosh


  1. That was the 24/7 pile Driving at the New Infirmary that cause that. It cracked a seam off rock that went straight up the Hill and cause the ground to open up. But they won't admit it. So they didn't pay Compensation. They know it was that and brushed it under the Carpet.

    1. Nice consipracy one please