Monday 9 September 2013

Ben Peach field notebook sketch

 Landscape sketch by Ben Peach, Victorian geologist.
BGS image: P612917

 Landscape sketch by Ben Peach, Victorian geologist. 

Can anyone say where in Scotland this is?

Full two page picture:

Bob McIntosh


  1. Think it might be the East end of Cam Loch, 12 miles NNE of Ullapool. Peach's sketch may be looking SW or W across the end of the loch to village of Elphin. Just beyond Elphin is Knockan CLiff, important in the interpretation of the Moine Thrust which Peach and Horne surveyed.
    If it is Cam Loch, the mountain of Cul Mor is to the right withCul Beag and Beinn an Eoin on the horizon in the middle.
    Rob Greenly.

  2. I just check on Google Earth and it appears you're right Rob! Perfect match.

    Andy Emery